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Nave de Polivalencia, Módulos 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, customer support phone +34 91 779 97 72

After more than 50 years of experience

In the meat sector, we went to the Horeca channel, encompassing hotels, restaurants, catering and collectives, we have become a reference provider for our CLIENTS giving them a personalized treatment accompanied by the MAXIMUM QUALITY and service without added impact on the final cost of your products, offering dynamic solutions to the daily needs of your BUSINESS .

Quality, service and respect

It is and will continue to be our flag and best presentation letter composed of a wide range of products and a control of raw materials, endorsed with a daily work 365 days a year.

To ensure the QUALITY we have a group made up of the best professionals in the meat sector, day by day we see, choose and acquire the best beef, carcases, loin, pieces and cuts of meat that can be marketed throughout the national and international territory, apart from our own livestock, guaranteeing the quality, freshness and maturation necessary for our customers. We do not have to forget that we live in a GLOBAL MARKET and El Cebadero Finca Olivar de Casasalbas is part of it having a great presence, providing us a great purchasing power in the 4 Continents and getting a wide market for our market alternative in breeds and meat products from around the world.

Respect What we have for our suppliers is reflected in our customers and is one of the strongest pillars of our company.

Our Quality department, applies all our suppliers and products, a rigorous control of traceability, to offer the best guarantee to our client.

SOLUTIONS , the Horeca channel in view of the imperative need to monetize all the costs of its daily processes, The Diocarnes Group in its polyvalence platform has developed a chain of work specialized in FINAL PORTIONING for each and every one of the references that we offer in our range. All this work can be developed together with CLIENT through open scanners, thus exposing a guarantee and confidence for a custom work.

LOGISTICS , we know that after so many years in the distribution, we have to solve the need of our clients with guaranteed efficiency. For this we have a fleet of more than 50 vehicles that dress and distribute daily in the Community of Madrid, and a network of collaborators with which we manage to arrive in 48 hours anywhere in Spain. We also offer our customers a close and RESPECT treatment with our highly qualified sales team to advise and meet any business need.


Mercado Central de Carnes.
Plataforma baja. Módulo 20 B

Carretera Villaverde a Vallecas km 3,8
28053 - Madrid - España
Phone: +34 91 779 11 11
Fax: +34 91 779 11 12


Nave Polivalencia
Especial Horeca Módulos 6-8-10-12-14-16

C.P. 28053 – Madrid - España

Phone: +34 91 786 60 97
Orders: +34 91 786 60 56


Mercado Central de Carnes. Plataforma Baja - Módulo 20 B. Especial Profesionales y Mayoristas

C.P. 28053 Madrid - España
Phone: +34 91 507 30 68
Fax: +34 91 507 30 68
Orders: +34 91 507 30 68

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